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Google Sheets and Xero Accounting Add-on

The Power of 

Google Sheets + Xero Accounting

Blink Reports is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows Xero customers to build financial reports, charts, and virtual dashboards connected to your live Xero data!

Leverage all the flexibility, security, plus easy sharing and collaboration of Google Sheets for your Xero reporting needs. Blink Reports can also connect multiple Xero organizations to a single spreadsheet, making the creation and publishing of multi-company financial consolidations and consolidated dashboards a breeze! 

Why should you try Blink Reports? 

Easy to Use

Simple yet powerful custom formulas provide live access to multiple Xero organizations from inside any Google Sheet. 

Flexible Settings

Share a monthly profit and loss statement with January to December flowing from left to right. You're not confined to Xero's limited defaults. 

Supports Xero Category Tags

Report account balances by region, product line, cost centre, department, and more.