Overview – How to Use Blink Reports Add-On

Blink Reports frees you from manually exporting financial reports from Xero to Excel or Google Spreadsheets. Now you can chart your revenues and expenses and refresh them instantly. 

Leverage the flexibility of Google Spreadsheets to securely publish and share dashboards to anyone that update in real time. Only a web browser is required. Embedding a live Google Spreadsheet or Chart into an Intranet web page is a breeze.

The Benefits of Using Google Sheets Add-on

Blink Reports combined with Google Spreadsheets is the ultimate solution for creating reports and dashboards that work on any web browser and any mobile device. iPads, iPhones, plus Android devices can securely open and comment directly on your Google Spreadsheet reports from anywhere at anytime. 

Give the boot to static spreadsheet and PDF report file attachments that quickly become out of date. Everyone always sees the same latest figures because only one live version of the report exists on Google Spreadsheets in the cloud! 

Blink Reports makes creating a consolidated financial statement supremely easy. You can connect as many or as few Xero organizations as you like and they'll all show up on a single sheet, like this:

Sales by month

View your monthly sales/income figures over the course of the past year:  

View a monthly profit and loss report with January to December columns flowing left to right instead of the opposite Xero default: 

Generate a profit and loss report with a column for each Xero category:  

View a YTD profit/loss report:  

View your balance sheet:  

See your trial balance:  

View your bank account summary: 

View your Bank Statements: 

Generate financial statement ratios:  

Pull your invoice or repeating invoice data directly from Xero and filter by almost anything. Plus generate pivot table reports with ease! 

View budget forecasts with the XeroBudget sheet. 

View your chart of accounts, which gives you the ability to add account codes to reports for further customization and filtering: 

How Does it Work?

Simply enter the formulas below into any cell on a Google sheet copied from one of our template Google sheets: 

For example: